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I'm the chief cook and bottle washer for Wireless Systems research at Bell Labs Antwerp, where we do research into systems aspects of network systems and components.  One focus at the moment is the design of the next-generation Internet with better support for the constantly increasing number of mobile devices.  Another is far-flung distributed storage systems.  We’re looking for talented researchers: PhDs in operating systems, distributed systems, postdocs.

I'm also a part-time professor in the Pervasive Systems Group in the Faculty of Electronics, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Twente., where I teach the Distributed Systems course.

Before going to Belgium, I worked in the Unix Room at Bell Labs Murray Hill for ten years.  Here, we worked on operating systems (Plan 9 from Bell Labs, Inferno) and Base Station Routers.  We built a prototype Femto BSR, a tiny UMTS base station suitable for the home and we worked on prototypes for LTE networks.



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